Product Description

AMT-I-C-007 Rapid Chem Lead (7 ML) (5-50 ppm)

AMT RAPID Chem Lead Test provides a fast and reliable method for the detection and quantification of Lead present in the natural water, potable water, and industrial water. Diagnostic reagents are preserved in a self-filling vacuum ampoule with extended shelf-life. Lead concentrations are represented as ppm (part per million). Each box includes 30 stand-alone tests.


This method is a convenient application of the Forensic technique to determine total Lead in waters. Lead may be deposited not only from lead bullets, but from lead residues found on the exterior of most fired copper-jacketed bullets as well. AMT Lead Test ampoule contains sodium rhodizonate which provides a color reaction indicative of the presence of lead. AMT Lead Test is able to detect lead in liquid sample as low as 5 ppm.