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AMT-I-C-005 Rapid Chem Copper (7 ML) (0.01-10 ppm) – AMT Scientific

AMT-I-C-005 Rapid Chem Copper (7 ML) (0.01-10 ppm)



AMT-I-C-005 Rapid Chem Copper (7 ML) (0.01-10 ppm)

AMT RAPID Chem Copper Test provides a fast and reliable method for the detection and quantification of Copper present in the natural water, potable water, and industrial water. This method is compatible with Hach DR series photometers for absorbance measurement. Diagnostic reagents are preserved in a self-filling vacuum ampoule with extended shelf-life. Copper concentrations are represented as ppm (part per million). Each box includes 30 stand-alone tests.


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