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AMT-I-B-002 Rapid Bac SRB (7 ML) – AMT Scientific

AMT-I-B-002 Rapid Bac SRB (7 ML)



AMT-I-B-002 Rapid Bac SRB (7 ML)

AMT RAPID BAC for Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria (SRB) is a multi-purpose media based on a modified Postgate B media for the detection and cultivation for SRB. Diagnostic reagents are preserved in a self-filling vacuum ampoule with extended shelf-life. Bacterial levels are represented as CFU/mL (colony formation unit per milliliter). Each box includes 30 stand-alone tests.


Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) can be responsible for decreased heat-transfer performance in heat exchangers, induction of corrosion of structural material in cooling systems, increased pumping costs, increased loading, induction of corrosion fatigue or stress corrosion and blockage of filter systems. Detection and control of this type of bacteria is imperative to proper cooling system operation. SRB’s are capable of reducing sulfate to sulfide. When ferrous iron is added to the culture system, Fe(II) will react with sulfide to form black precipitates which indicates the presence of sulfide and subsequently SRB. Hydrogen sulfide with a foul odor of rotten eggs as a by-product will also be generated during the testing.


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