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AMT-I-B-001 Rapid Bac Total Bacteria (7 ML) – AMT Scientific

AMT-I-B-001 Rapid Bac Total Bacteria (7 ML)


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AMT-I-B-001 Rapid Bac Total Bacteria (7 ML)

AMT Rapid Bac Total Bacteria ampoule tests provide fast and accurate diagnostics of bacterial levels in liquid samples, including natural water, industrial water, potable water and liquid food products. Diagnostic reagents are preserved in a self-filling vacuum ampoule with extended shelf-life. Bacterial levels are represented as CFU/mL (colony formation unit per milliliter). Each box includes 30 stand-alone tests.


AMT RAPID BAC TM Test contains a 2,3,5-Triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC) Indicator to help visualize the turbidity reaction caused by the growth of Microorganisms. The positive growth of microorganisms is indicated by a turbid Pink-Red color. When using a Time-based method, the time required to obtain the Pink-Red color is negatively proportional to the level of microorganisms present in the sample being tested. CFU/mL of tested samples can be determined with the included time to cell density chart. When using a Color-based method, the intensity of the developed Pink-Red color after 24 hours can be used to determine the CFU/mL of tested samples by comparing with the color reference.


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